Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life

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Thanks to Jim Martin for passing this my way. His insights are worth a read.

1. Blogging has helped me become a better communicator. I often learn the most when someone misunderstands something I wrote. I read their comment, what I wrote and then try to figure out where the discrepancy lies. Communication is not in what you think but in how you communicate what you write through the words on the page/screen. This has been a really helpful tool to make me a better communicator.

2. Blogging has increased the size of my village. Through blogging I have come into contact with a HUGE variety of people who have shown me love and support. It has also provided a community that refines thought. We bounce things around in an enriching and informative way that helps shape my thinking and hopefully others as well.

3. Blogging has made the Christian world smaller. That is a benefit to me because it used to be that people from other churches were “over there” and could easily be faceless, voiceless, and held to common stereotypes of what different groups believe about various issues. Blogging gives people whose theology varies from my own a face and a voice and helps us realize we have more in common than we thought and that the stereotypes don’t always hold up very well. It also helps us see that some of our lines in the sand just don’t hold up either.

4. Blogging has raised my awareness of what is happening across the Christian community. You hear what other people are trying in life, ministry, and spiritual disciplines. It is like having hundreds of free books on the shelf that are regularly updated with the capability of being searched with a search engine.

5. My blog is becoming a collection of information from myself and others that I can later come back to for reference. This is helpful because it helps me see how my thinking is changing over time, a place for reference material on scripture (along with links to what others have written), etc. I love to collect information and blogging is the perfect way to do this.


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  1. Matt,
    A great response! It was interesting to read your responses. I especially resonate with you remark about blogging increasing the size of your village. I could echo that.

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