Empty Seat Evangelism

How many empty seats are in the vehicles that drive to the building where you worship on a given Sunday? What would happen if we committed to not go to church with empty seats in our car? Oh, but that’s what the transportation ministry is for, right?

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  1. Mark says:

    I’ve tried to get more involved in giving people rides to church. Because I was the minister I thought I especially should be willing to do this. My problem was that other people do not understand that a minister needs to get to church a good deal earlier than everyone else; especially in smaller congregations. My guests kept making me late. It wasn’t a problem with members getting mad at me…it was more of a problem of me not having enough time to get everything together that I needed to. I think this is a great approach, but it doesn’t work as well for people who are preachers.

  2. Car pooling is not in the Bible so……

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