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Who is Pulling for Barack Obama?

August 15th, 2008 · No Comments · Politics, Religion

Can any of you name who said this about Barack Obama?

“We like Mr. Obama and we hope he will win the election. He has a vision to change America.”

I will give you a hint, it is not Brian McLaren. Brian McLaren continues his Obama parade with this new commercial.

Answer – Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Hamas Prime Minister. When the terrorists start pulling for a presidential candidate that tells you something. Wouldn’t it make sense that terrorists groups would want the guy who is saying he will pull out the troops?

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  • K. Rex Butts

    Well, I am glad Barak Obama stands by his family. I am sure the same could be said for George W. Bush as well. But I am not sure that translates to making great leadership decisions.

    I happen to be an Obama supporter (though I am less enthused about him than when he first announced his presidential candidacy). But this ad does not change my support (or my concerns) about Obama ethier way.

    Grace and peace,


  • Preacherman

    Matt great post.
    I think he will win.
    It will be nice to have children in the White House again.
    I do not share my political views of course at church because many of the members are different political view. Some of them are democrats, republicans, independants, green party, and other views.
    I think we as Christians should be of another kingdom.

  • Philip III

    I don’t necessarily wish to turn this into another 20 comment blog entry. 🙂 I’d really rather be having these conversations in person. So, in the interest of curiosity…

    “When the terrorists start pulling for a presidential candidate that tells you something.”

    If you don’t mind my asking for clarification, what exactly does it tell you? Merely that Senator Obama’s Iraq War policy is likely flawed? Or are you in any way convinced that Barack Obama is a sleeper Muslim or “Manchurian Candidate?”

  • mattdabbs


    We all get that he is not a closet Muslim by now. We got that a long time ago. Wouldn’t it make sense to find out who terrorists pull for and figure how not to give them what they want?

    What is your take on that quote?

  • K. Rex Butts

    Jesus is Lord and not Obama, McCain, or any terrorist group, so why worry?


  • mattdabbs


    I am not worried. But I do think it is wise to be informed about these things. Wouldn’t that make sense? The major issues in this election are the economy, the war/terrorism, and the price/accessibility of energy. Why put in the guy who doesn’t want to do much to increase our energy, has zero military experience and has terrorists organizations hoping he wins, and wants to do things that don’t work like raising capital gains? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Just Matt

    Matt – where did this quote come from? Can you post a reference link?

  • mattdabbs

    You can read about the Hamas endorsement here, and here. It came from a WABC interview.

  • Rodney McCarthy


    I’m assuming you’re for John McCain?

  • K. Rex Butts

    Why put a man in office whose only response to evil is that we should defeat it (never asking if our nation is ever guilty of some of the evil so despised)?


    I know you are no worried and I know you are equally passionate about the gospel, so my other comment (“Jesus is Lord… …so why worry?) was intened to be more general. I think it is good to be informed and for every voter to make an informed vote. But no matter who becomes president (they both have faults), God is still in control of history.

    IMHO, I find too many Christians (American Christians) who are too reluctant to rely on the nation as the means of sustaining life. That is, freedom and security depend upon what American politics does and not God (who gives freedom and security in Christ). It sort of reminds me of Isaiah 40, where Israel was looking for an idol of wood that would neither rot nor topple (Ish 40.20). But the reality is that no matter who takes office, what the terrorist of this world do, and what anyone else does, they all will topple and rot. The only thing that remains is God and his kingdom.

    That is why I don’t get too worried. But I do understand the need to be informed. I hope that makes sense.


  • mattdabbs

    Makes perfect sense!

    In response to Rodney. I really, really don’t want to vote for McCain but it looks like that is the only way I can go. I can’t believe he is the Republican nominee. Oh well.

  • Philip III

    I’m glad you don’t think he’s a Muslim, Matt. But you’d be surprised at how many folks still do. And not just old folks or uninformed folks. I had a conversation with a politically active, VERY conservative young (in her 20’s) female a couple of weeks ago who is convinced that Obama isn’t being honest about his worldview. I just thought I’d ask what you thought.

    My take on that quote is that the rest of the world, including terrorists, see Barack Obama as an alternative to the exclusivist policies & firebrand foreign policy approach that the U.S. has had for a while now. The world sees Obama as someone who relates to them, and who will execute his administrative policies with a broader worldly perspective in mind. The world sees our current President as a simple-minded man, and probably sees Obama as a great departure from him since he carries a reputation as being a systems-thinker who recognizes the broad effect of policy decisions. He is in large part a melting pot candidate, and I think that is the great reason for his foreign appeal — including with terrorists.

  • K. Rex Butts

    I think Phillip’s assesment of why the larger world prefers Obama to McCain is on target. In my judgment, whether it is intended or not, both G.W. Bush and J. McCain have appeared intolerant to consider any alternatives to their foreign policy approach. Obama comes off as someone who is willing to hear and understand (even emphathize) with other perspectives than his own. Now whether that translates in to action remains a question.


  • rogueminister

    I never would have pegged you as a conservative. Oh well, I guess we can still be blog buddies. ; )

  • mattdabbs

    Glad we can still be friends!

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