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Missy and I went to target this week to register for some baby items. I was wearing khakis, a red shirt, and had the little scanner gun in my hand. Little did I know but I was in the perfect position to play Target employee impostor. A lady walked up to Missy and asked if I was already helping her. Another man walked up to me and asked where he could find something.

Yesterday I was talking to Jonah through Missy’s belly. I put my mouth really close to her stomach and said, “Anyone home?” and made some little knocking sounds. He kicked me right in the mouth! I think this kid is going to be fun.

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  1. Sounds like you missed your calling! haha

    That’s really funny that he kicked you in the mouth. You wonder if any of these posts you made about parenting might later come back to haunt you… haha I know you’re excited.


  2. If someone was knocking on my head while I was trying to take a nap – I would kick them also… Can’t wait to meet and play with Jonah. I think I am going to have to wait in line for awhile to hold him tough.

  3. Matt – you might as well tell everyone you are moonlighting at Target to get an employee discount on baby items. Fess up!

  4. Exciting times. Jessica would kick her mom when she heard me talking. What a fun pregnancy that was for Rachel. Matt, I know you can’t wait to play with all the toys. And, the great thing is, the toys never end!! Advice though: BEWARE of Barney! You know you are hooked when you are sitting on the floor with a one year old sharing a bowel of ice cream and a purple dinosaur!

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