Can’t the Other Olympic Athletes Be Interviewed Without Bringing Up Michael Phelps?

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It seems like every interview I have seen of U.S. Olympic swimmers has to make mention of Michael Phelps. Even when they interview the women swimmers the interviewers ask them questions about Phelps. Can’t other people tell their story? Can’t other people have some glory without having to dote about Phelps? There are some tremendous stories of victory and struggle through adversity. But all we get is Phelps, Phelps, and more Phelps. You can pretty much guess that in any interview of anyone regarding any swimming event Phelps will get a mention. He is great. We get it. But there are some other great athletes there too. So come on press and shine the light on some other deserving folks.

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  1. Amen! I love Phelps, and he is incredible, but you’re exactly right. There are other talented athletes also doing great things. It’s getting annoying.

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