When Times Get Tough the Bikes Get Going

Well, our two bikes are gone, stolen, snatched, pilfered, poached, rustled, purloined, robbed, swiped, taken, took, plundered. They got our goods. They got our bike booty. Bye, bye bikes. We noticed the first one went missing last week. Tonight I went out and the second bike was noticeably absent. We now have locks on our gates and I think I will probably put a bolt through some old pavers and chain our grill to the ground. Sad days.

To modify the One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song – “No tiene dos bicicletas.”

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  1. 93princesscherokee says:

    Wow that sucks! Sorry!


  2. K. Rex Butts says:

    An old man once told me, “If it ain’t locked down it ain’t yours.”

    Unfortunately, that is too often the reality. Sorry!


  3. Philip III says:

    Me no gusta… el locking down things-o

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