The Semi-Annual Kingdom Living Subscription Drive

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It is that time of year again where I send out the reminder that reading a blog is much easier when you receive updated posts in your inbox via the email subscription link at the left of the blog. Most drives are for canned food or old clothes. This drive is a drive for Kingdom Living subscriptions. They only cost double what they did last time I gave this offer. The new price is $0. I know that is getting pricey and if you need help footing the bill I can always do a slide scale based on income. You can also subscribe through bloglines, google reader, and a bunch of other time saving ways to read multiple blogs. It is kind of pointless to come back to blogs over and over again unsure if there is new content. Why not have the new content show up on your doorstep free of charge through email or a website like bloglines. Try the links to the left to subscribe.

Thank you for your support of this blog. It grows faster than I can believe and I cannot believe the difference it has made for some people I have met and some I have not, yet. God bless,


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