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Thanks to Andrew Jones for mentioning this fascinating search tool by google. It allows you to find out where terms are searched for the most around the world and over various periods of time. This would allow you to look for trends and use of terminology to see when and where it spreads based on what people in those regions google and in what years. It even gives you a nifty world map to show you search density by color.

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  1. Google Insights for Search is indeed a good tool to play around with and get some extra data and will appeal greatly to those of us that don’t have access to more comprehensive market research–which is probably 99% of us – but I’d caution building your entire marketing campaign around the data provided by Google Insights.

    For example, I checked for iPhone on Google Insights for Search and what i got is that there’s more interest for the iPhone in Trinidad and Tobago than in the United States. I guess not

  2. Hi Matt… im becoming quite a subscriber on your blog
    Id say for online marketing the tool is quite useful… but like the commenter above me says… it should not be the sole focus point for your marketing plan…

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