Brian McLaren Endorses Barack Obama

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With McLaren writing a book called “Everything Must Change” it is only fitting he endorses the candidate whose focus has been change, change, and more change. Unfortunately I am afraid Obama is more about changing what he needs to in order to get money for his campaign and to get elected and not real change in Washington. He changed on campaign finance and is now changing on drilling. Initially he said we should all get tune ups. I guess he is out of touch with real Americans enough that he doesn’t even know that today’s cars don’t require tune ups. This is also the guy who said if his daughter got pregnant he wouldn’t want her to have to suffer for that “mistake” and would support her right to get an abortion. Sadly enough I cannot say McCain is really a whole lot better.

Get ready for a big helping of change.

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  1. I like Obama. I like the idea of a black president (it’s long overdue). But not him.

    I’m not crazy about McCain, but McCain it is because I don’t see how he can be as expensive as Obama promises to be.

    I like Brian. I like his writing. I am pretty much in agreement with most of his ‘theology’. But I think he is wrong about Obama, and that is because, while Brian is spot on about working towards and for God’s Kingdom, he is mistaken to think that government could be a good or faithful ally here.

  2. My question about using the government as our ‘arm of goodness’ is how well does it perform. Will it appear on a list like this that shows charities drowning in administrative costs: ? I have a sneaking suspicion that it would. The Salvation Army for instance has the motto “Doing the most good” because 83 cents of every dollar go to doing its charitable work. There are many charities that are like that and strive to get the most out of their donation. If I want my money to go to taking care of people, why not use an organization that gives the most money to real needy people? So if I view my taxes in that way, I don’t give the government a good grade as far as using my ‘donation’ in the most efficient way to help people.

    I would rather promote a great charity rather than a political candidate in that regard…

  3. I don’t share your views on Obama’s “changes.” ; ) Rather, I consider that it makes him a more viable & attractive candidate for leadership. I may have to blog about that…

    Anyway, based on book titles, I wonder what other leaders in Christendom at-large are getting ready to endorse the Senator from Illinois. Perhaps…

    John Eldredge with “Captivating”

    N.T. Wright with “Surprised by Hope”
    (Also a possible title for Hillary’s next book?)

    Andy Stanley with “Next Generation Leader”

    Or maybe a McCain supporter…

    John Maxwell with “Talent is Never Enough”

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