Van That Wags Its Tail

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So I am driving in to work this morning and in front of me in traffic is a Kia Sedona minivan. It has one of those rear windshield wipers but somehow it was working in reverse. Instead of wiping off the window it was upside down wiping downward toward the bumper, over the license plate and back. It looked like it was a happy van just wagging his tail in the rain.

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  1. That reminds me!

    Wasn’t I riding with you on a road trip somewhere when we saw a car who’s blinker lights were backwards? If it wasn’t, I was riding along behind this guy and we noticed that the driver would put on the blinker for the lane he was leaving (not the lane he was going to). It was like the blinker was a signal saying, “Bye bye lane I was just in”

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