Spiritual Growth 2008 in the Books

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What a great experience in Orlando! I got to meet so many great people and hear some really powerful lessons and classes. I was able to meet Tim Archer, Jeanne M, Jason Goldtrap, Jim Miller, Flavil Yeakley, and a plethora of other folks. I was able to reconnect with Bob Bliss, Bill Williams, Eddie Randolf, Keith and Sharon Lancaster (who did an awesome job leading singing!), and many, many people from several different parts of my past. People were there I had not seen since high school in Alabama (Gene and Carol Britton), people from the college days (Daniel & Rachel Cherry + kids), the grad school days at UF (Philip C, Donny Dillon, Beau and Monique, and a bunch more), the grad school days at Harding (Ed Gray and others) and from the more recent future (Brett & Lydia Shannon) on and on the list could go.

I was also really glad that my two classes went over well. In fact, we had standing room only! It was in a broom closet but it was standing room only! The brooms seemed to get a lot out of the lessons. They made a commitment to clean up their lives.

Brett and Lydia, if you are reading this these pictures are put here especially for you:

Missy and Lydia

M & M

Dabbseses & Shannon’s

Dabbs/Cherry Families

Us with Missy’s parents.

Us standing in front of the poster of ourselves. We are on Dr. Ed Gray’s Marriage Mentoring poster that he travels with. Several people we know came up to us and said, “You wrote a book on marriage?” Sorry. I didn’t. I am just good at standing and getting my picture taken.

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