Double Crossing the Youth Group

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Last night the youth group thought they were going to prank our house with toilet paper. Little did they know elders, deacons, ministers, and their wives were waiting in the bushes with a hose and water balloons. The bus pulls up, youth get out, bus doors close, youth get soaked. Pretty funny. Even funnier was when a random teenager was walking down the sidewalk right in the middle of the craziness and he got sprayed with the hose. Turns out he lives four doors down and both his parents are cops. He walks home and tells his mom he got sprayed by a man with a hose. She doesn’t believe him and the following conversation in their home went something like this

Son: “Mom, I got sprayed by some man with a hose and a bunch of kids are tp’ing our neighbor’s house.”
Mother: “Why didn’t you call me?”
Son: “I did call you, you didn’t answer.”
Mother: “Why didn’t you call the police?”
Son: “I did, you are the police.”
Mother still doesn’t believe him, sees he is wet and opens the door only to see a piece of toilet paper roll down the street.”
Son: “Mom, I am telling you the truth. They got in a church bus and drove off!”
Mom calls the police and walks to our house a little upset. What starts off a little awkward turns into a great conversation about kids and church and mutual friends in Saint Petersburg. In the end a good time was had by all.

I have a feeling we may experience some repercussions from the youth group who went home soaked and even had to clean up the tp before they left! You haven’t really lived until you have seen an elder and a preacher tossing water balloons at kids.

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  1. That’s awesome. I’ve had conversations like that with my 7 year old. On the one hand you wanna believe them and then on the other hand it’s something too ridiculous to be true.

  2. I heart this post! Last year during a youth function we were hosting at our church – the senior boys thought it would be fun to prank the senior girls…who happened to be staying at my house with my wife and two kids…. This gives me great hope for getting them back! : )

  3. When we were in dental school, we tped several of the elder’s houses…only thing was their college age kids came home and cleaned it up that night BEFORE the elders even saw it because they thought their friends had done it.
    Sounds like you guys had fun. Glad the situation with the kid down the street worked out ok!

  4. Pranking ministers:

    1. After our preacher delivered an excellent sermon on homsexuality, about 20 different guys walked up to him from behind, said “Good job!” and slapped him on the rear.

    2. When a friend of mine was house-sitting for a preacher and watching his dog, we went over the night before he came home and wrapped his yard in POLICE – DO NOT CROSS tape and drew a chalk outline of his dog on the driveway. He was not amused.

    3. When I took the kids at one of my youth ministry jobs on our first youth group retreat, the boys decided that it would be funny if all of them mooned me before the weekend was over. Every time I turned a corner, there was another one. To this day I still shudder every time I go to a camp and have to walk out of a door or turn a corner.

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