Tom Cruise Psychiatry Challenge

See if you are able to tell Tom Cruise, “I know the history of psychiatry. You don’t.” The following questions are based on Cruise’s interview with Matt Lauer found here.

True or False

1. Psychology and psychiatry are the same thing.

2. Psychiatry falls under the category of “pseudoscience” or something that claims to be scientific yet does not follow the scientific method and is basically untestable.

3. Psychopharmacology is only able to mask problems and offers no real solutions to underlying issues.

4. Chemical imbalance is a real and identifiable problem.

5. Antidepressents are antipsychotic medications.

6. Exercise can be a viable means to alleviate symptoms of depression.

7. Vitamins and minerals have been shown to be just as effective in treating depression as prescription medication.

8. Ritalin is sold and the street and has the potential to be abused and over prescribed.

9. Ritalin is an antipsychotic drug.

10. Psychopharmacology is backed by theory and science.

Feel free to number your answers in the comments section and I will come back later with the answers.

0 Responses to Tom Cruise Psychiatry Challenge

  1. odgie says:

    1. False

    2. False

    3. False

    4. True

    5. False

    6. True

    7. False

    8. True

    9. False

    10. True

  2. rodney2008 says:


    I’m not an actual doctor, I just play one on tv

  3. 21908324 says:

    1. False.
    2. True.
    3. True.
    4. False.
    5. nor true nor false, someones antidepressives are old antipsycotics and others have something in comon.
    6. I dont know, is possible
    7. I dont know, is possible
    8. I dont know, but is very possible
    9. False
    10. False.

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