Spiritual Growth Workshop 2008

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Well it is finally time for the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando this weekend! If you live anywhere near central Florida you really want to come and be a part of this awesome event. Here is the website complete with a list of speakers. Speakers include Randy Harris, Wayne Kilpatrick, Ed Gray, David Young, Jim Miller, John Clayton, Bob Bliss, Keith Lancaster, Eddie Cloer, Flava Flav Yeakley, Wiley Lowe, Tim Hines, and many more. Hope to see you there!

I will be speaking opposite Randy Harris so feel free to walk in Randy’s room and ask if you can borrow a chair for Salon 24.

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  1. This weekend, I’d love to hear Flavil Flav say…

    Ain’t no party like a COC party ’cause a COC party don’t stop

    Hip, funny, AND theologically accurate!

  2. I remember when I was at Harding we used to call him “Flavil Flav” too. I always wanted someone to get a picture of him and superimpose a giant clock hanging from his neck and some gold teeth.

  3. It was really great meeting you and Missy. And your two classes were great. Congratulations on being a future dad!

  4. The first time I came was to meet you. The second was because I appreciated what you had to say then and wanted to hear “the rest.”

    The weekend was super uplifting, and meeting new people, including you and Missy, was a special blessing.

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