What’s In Your Wallet?

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I got a new one today. I got an email from my “credit card company” saying there were suspicious charges to my account. They even displayed the last 4 digits of my card number and had a number to call. I called the number on the back of my card to ask them their policy. They never do this by email = it is a fraud. I thought I would reply to this email with the word FRAUD. I clicked Reply and when I did I got a warning message in hotmail saying I better know the sender because when you reply it includes all the blocked links and graphics that were in the original email. That is why when you get junk email the images are blocked out and you have to click Show Content because they can do malicious things even just by having you view the email. The warning message said that by replying and including the images it could open me up to getting more junk mail in the future and do some other things that didn’t sound too good. That is when I realized the trick. They don’t care if you call their number. They at least want you to reply to their email and by doing so open yourself up to more problems.

Just thought I would pass that on. Bottom line – If you don’t know who an email is from don’t view the content/pictures by clicking the View Content button and don’t reply.

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