Small Group Lesson Downloads Cross 1000 Mark

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I am really excited to say that there have been over 1000 small group lesson downloads here at Kingdom Living. That probably has something to do with showing up in the top ten on google under both “Small group lessons” and “Free Small Group Lessons” and only one step away from making it ahead of I am glad to know that these are getting used in more settings than just here at Northwest. I also encourage all of you who write your own small group curriculum to make them available for free online. If you want to post them here to download, let me know (via the email link at the top left of the blog) and I will review them, convert them to pdf and upload them. For more information on small groups and the lessons on this blog see the link at the top – Small Group Lessons. Thanks to those churches who already make their lessons available online.

I also wanted to let you know about Blue Fish TV’s Small Group Exchange that will be starting this month. I will get more information to you on that as things progress.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    You’ve got a sweeet blog.
    Thanks for the small group resources; you’re right I found you via google.

    Any tips on writing small group curriculum?

    We’re thinking of doing sermon series follow up/application questions for our groups for starters.

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