Blue Like Jazz – Not Really Getting It

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I have read a couple of chapters of Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and I have to say that I just cannot really get into it. I think it just seems like he is trying to be purposefully flippant or maybe it is that the book is fluffy with an air that it really isn’t fluffy if you think really hard. This is more of a writer’s book than a reader’s book. It is kind of like the show 30 Rock – it gets all the awards and I just don’t care for it. It seems more like a show the insiders in the industry would love but an everyday Joe just doesn’t relate too. It is kind of opposite with Miller in the sense that I think he writes so hard for people to relate to the book that it kind of comes across with a really strange tone that my modern leaning brain just doesn’t want to wrap around. I just can’t shake the feeling that Miller is trying to get me to think that he is the kind of guy who remembers the weird details or tosses out a shocking statement with no follow up because that makes it seem more authentic.

I am impressed by Miller as a speaker and I can tell he is a really smart guy but if I had to guess I would say this book is written to make it seem like he threw it together in a month what actually took much, much longer to carefully and painstakingly write to make it seem that way.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Do I need to read on and get a few more chapters under my belt? Let me know if I am just missing it.

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