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With so many blogs out there it is often hard to figure out which ones are worth visiting. I wanted to mention Philip Cunningham’s. Philip has been a good friend of mine for quite some time and I think he is an excellent writer. He writes about theology, sports, politics, his personal life…and does a fantastic job. I mention all sorts of blogs from time to time and I don’t often point out the ones from some of my dearest friends. I don’t know why I do that but I need to do a better job with that. If you get a moment, have a look. And Philip, thanks for doing such a great job covering so many different areas of interest. The only negative thing I can say is I wish you would switch to wordpress!

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  1. Blogger Rules. wordpress drools

    “Excellent writer” might be an excursion into hyperbole, but I appreciate the compliment & I do put forward effort to that end. I’m not the first person to recognize this, I’m sure, but I think regular blogging makes my preaching better. If you like a blog that makes you think and hopefully sometimes makes you laugh, you might like it.

  2. WordPress? Why would he want to deal with the nightmarish interface? Blogger is a lot easier to work with.

    Maybe I should write you up and make this a test of fellowship…..

  3. I will agree that Phil’s blog is excellent. I read it all the time and love it.

    Also, WordPress owns Blogger any day of the week, cretins.

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