Blue Like Jazz – Not Really Getting It

I have read a couple of chapters of Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and I have to say that I just cannot really get into it. I think it just seems like he is trying to be purposefully flippant or maybe it is that the book is fluffy with an air that it really […]

A Plug for Philip’s Blog

With so many blogs out there it is often hard to figure out which ones are worth visiting. I wanted to mention Philip Cunningham’s. Philip has been a good friend of mine for quite some time and I think he is an excellent writer. He writes about theology, sports, politics, his personal life…and does a […]

Churches of Christ and the Emerging Culture

As I read Dan Kimball’s book on the Emerging Church a few things stand out to me that I thought I would mention here: 1 – There is a cultural shift that is taking place and more people are unchurched in America. We are one of the largest mission fields in the world. Missionaries will […]