Dan Kimball’s Emerging Church

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I have been reading up on the Emerging/Emergent church a little because I am invested in understanding and reaching out to people who have grown up with a postmodern perspective. Kimball splits this book into two halves – the first half is theoretical to help the reader understand the underlying cultural concepts that are a necessary prerequisite to understanding and reaching multiple generations alive today and probably several more to come. The second half of the book deals with practical ministry and more “how to’s” that I will leave with Dan’s book. I would highly recommend this book. If you want to be successful in reaching the lost today and tomorrow I would seriously consider this read. Here is a link to it on amazon.

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  1. I’ve always had a little trouble with this “post-modern” perspective. Either I already think like a post-modern, and can’t tell the difference because of that, or I’m just a backwards modern scratching my head at a mystery.

  2. Adam,

    Dan lays it out very well in this book and gives some good and practical ministry implications. He put it in a way I had not heard it explained before that I thought was very helpful. And for less than $3.00 used on Amazon and not very pricey new you really cannot beat it.

  3. Matt,

    Based on your recommendation I’m adding it to my cart, but in the “saved for later” section. My book order next month will have three books: “The Same Kind of Different as Me,” The Shack,” and “One Church.”

    Maybe in August I can pick up this book on postmodernism.


  4. I loved this book so much I had to buy Emerging Worship which he shows you how to do emerging worship. Each book is powerful and from what I understand very effective.

    Another great book is Adventures in Missing the Point by McLaren and Campolo.

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