Working Through 100% Natural Evangelism DVD’s by Terry Rush

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Last night we started the DVD series Terry Rush put out this year called 100% Natural Evangelism. I have developed a study guide to go along with the video series which will make the series go 8 weeks instead of 4 alternating video weeks with study guide weeks. I have to say that I appreciate Terry’s authenticity and his willingness to say that he doesn’t always have it all together and yet…God works. That is so important to remember. This is a good series and from the heart with a good mix of concepts with scripture and real life stories to back them up.

If you have purchased the DVD’s and would like a copy of the study feel free to contact me. I am not going to post it here because of the overlap with Terry’s DVD in the study guide but if you have already purchased the DVD let me know and I will email you the study guide.

To purchase the DVD’s see this link.

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