Suggested Titles for Future Rob Bell Nooma Videos

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Rob, how about using some of these titles for future Nooma videos? And how about more variety in the amazing skill you have of using the awkward pause to keep our attention?

Lint – Things that are right in the core of your being and are there all the time but you seldom realize it and it often takes someone else to point it out to you. Awkward pause to use in this video – take a few moments to pick at your belly button.

Thermos – A video about discernment – knowing which things to keep hot and which need to cool down a bit. Awkward pause to use in this video – stare at the thermos in awe.

Taffy – the dangers of sin. Awkward pause to use in this video – Randomly take bites of taffy and say Mmmmm that stuff tastes so good but is so bad for your well being.

Rabbi – a video where Bell reveals that he has actually converted to Judaism to really get a taste for what Jesus may have actually been like. Awkward pause to use in this video – pause to scratch your face as the new growth of your beard is driving you insane.

What suggestions would you throw out there?

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  1. How about this one:

    PRODUCT: a video about spiritual formation. The dizzying array of hair-care product can create a dilemma for the po-mo, metrosexual male. You have to know what kind of hair you have, and what you want it to look like if you’re going to find the product right for you. Similarly, there are many approaches to spiritual formation. Which one you choose will depend on what kind of person you are, and what you want to be like when you’re through.

    Awkward pause to use in this video: we watch Rob do his hair in silence.

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