Cheating Death 2 – Spinning My Corolla at 75mph

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When I was a senior at Harding I drove down to Little Rock to take the GRE. Returning to Searcy on Hwy 67 I was behind a white 15 passenger van that was pulling a trailer full of scrap metal. All of a sudden pieces of metal and debris fell off the trailer right in front of me. I was probably following too close and driving over them didn’t seem like a good option so I attempted to swerve around them. That would have worked at 25 or maybe 45 mph but at 75 my car didn’t particularly care for such a maneuver. I missed the debris as my car began to fishtail. I overcorrected and did a 180. The next thing I knew I was actually facing directly at the driver behind me who was also doing 75. I remember seeing median woods, median, woods as the car spun around and around until finally coming to a stop on the shoulder of the road. My heart was racing. No injuries. The car appeared fine. I hadn’t hit a thing! I pulled back on the highway and my adrenalin was pumping so much that I looked down and was going 95 without even knowing it.  Later on I spoke with one of our elders, who specializes in recreating accidents, about the event. He said that while you spin you generally take a straight line with the direction your car is headed. My line was apparently right down the shoulder of the road.

Any of you have any close calls on the road?

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  1. I was driving to work on the day after Christmas several years ago. I had a beautiful (in my mind) 78 Olds Cutlass silver, with black interior. I was trying to put a calender on my sun visor and when I looked up I was in the middle of the road facing a car. I immediately over corrected and hit the right shoulder which slung me over to the left shoulder which flung me back to the right shoulder and off a steep inbankment where the car rolled once and landed sideways against a tree…..I walked away unhurt…my car was totaled…

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