Complacency in the Kingdom

How often do we get complacent because we think we have to do everything in a big way or not at all and so we opt for not at all? Have we forgotten that sowing seed is never a small thing even if only one plant grows from dozens of seed that were cast upon […]

Helping Myanmar – Operation Blessing

Jesus had a heart for the hurting and oppressed. Clearly what is happening in Myanmar falls under both categories. Have a look at this video and visit the website of Operation Blessing if you would like to find ways to do what you can in the name of Jesus. There appear to be few inroads […]

Do You Have Any Curriculum Recommendations?

It is time to review some curriculum for our small groups for next year and for some future Bible classes. What I have in front of me includes small group curriculum from Northpoint, Tommy Nelson’s Song of Solomon series, the marriage material from Focus on the Family and Houston Heflin’s small group lessons – Gifts […]