Mr. Rogers Learns to Breakdance

This is classic. One of Mr. Rogers’ greatest skills was asking the obvious, “That’s a piece of cardboard isn’t it?”

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  1. Preacherman says:

    I love Mister Rogers.
    I watched him all the time.
    Now my children watch re-runs on PBS.
    Thank you for sharing this great post with us brother.

    On another note Matt. I was wondering if you and your readers could take a few minutes of time and leave a message for a family who is hurting beyond imagination. It will make such a difference in there lives.

    I appreciate you Matt.
    I love reading your blog and always look forward to what you are going to put on it or say.
    It is on my favs and read it daily.
    Keep up the great blogging.
    Again, love for you to stop by and make a difference..
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  2. Rick says:

    I tripped once and as I hit the ground I kind of spun around … is that break dancing?

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