I Hate Poison Ivy

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Are any of you allergic to poison ivy? I seem to be a magnet for it. While mine is not near as bad as this guy’s it certainly does drive me insane. The worst part about it is when you scratch it during your sleep and then scratch your face or rub your eye without even knowing it then you wake up and your eye is swollen up with it. This happened last week and I had to go and get a steroid shot. Fortunately I got to do a little hunch-back routine for Missy when my eye was all messed up and swollen. I mean, how often do you get a chance to do something like that? You have to take advantage of it. After fighting it for over a week it is finally getting better and drying out. I have been on steroids for it. I thought maybe that would help me last week in softball but I just popped out to center field. I think it is crazy that you can go to the doctor, spend money on antihistamines and steroid pills and it do NO good but then go get a $4.00 bottle of generic calamine lotion and eliminate it in a couple days. Thank you Walgreens!

(Photo courtesy of poison-ivy.org)

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