Two Year Anniversary in Florida

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Yesterday was our second anniversary at the Northwest Church of Christ in Saint Petersburg. We have been very excited about this congregation and about how God has worked over the last two years. There has been a lot of growth and a lot of seeds planted that will continue to grow for decades to come. Our young adults are growing closer, leaders are being raised up for the future, and the lost are being reached.

During those two years Missy and I have grown as close as we have ever been. We are again expecting a baby and that is extremely exciting. Missy is going to be an amazing mom and I would like to think I will be a pretty amazing dad (but that is just a guess!). In these two years we have purchased our first house, been able to spend more time with Missy’s family, which she hadn’t been able to do in over four years, and make friends that will last a lifetime.

Looking back on these last two years really excites me and I really wonder what God has in store for the future. Continue to pray for our ministry in Saint Petersburg. This may be a beautiful place to live but there is much work to be done and many people to be reached. There are many Christians who need to grow and mature and many leaders who do not yet know that is what they are going to be.

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  1. Congratulations on several counts brother, for the new baby, two years in ministry in St. Pete, and for what sounds like a great potential to really continue to grow and impact that area for the Risen Nazarene. Blessings and Shalom

  2. Congratulations Matt. You have blessed my life in so many ways … and we’ve never met. I can only imagine how appreciated you are there in St. Pete. Keep up the great work!

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