10 Reasons I Love My Church

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Every now and again I like to write down reasons I love the church I attend (Northwest Church of Christ). There is a lot of negativity out there toward religious establishments and churches in general. I like to remind myself of things that I am proud of the church for. I would challenge you to make your own list.

1 – People genuinely care if you are hurting or have a problem
2 – Worship that generates enthusiasm and a sense of wonder
3 – Elders who actually shepherd and don’t micromanage
4 – Deacons who deacon
5 – Lots of new people
6 – People who are difference makers in things larger than themselves
7 – Ministers, staff and an eldership that all get along remarkably well
8 – The presence of confession by people who are honestly trying to get their lives right with God
9 – A growing group of young adults and young families
10 – A men’s and women’s group who are cohesive and intentionally growing leaders

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