Oprah and New Earth New Age Movement

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Does this new thing Oprah is doing worry anyone beside myself? The message I have gotten from it so far is, You are the standard. You are the authority. Listen to yourself. Do your thing. I don’t know about you but I have listened to myself plenty of times and gotten it wrong. That just doesn’t work. I mentioned in the sermon yesterday that life with faith in Jesus Christ is like a compass without any letters. You can make it point wherever you like but it really doesn’t take you where you need to go. When you start to realize who Christ is and what that means for us the letters start to appear on the compass and you find direction for your life. You have to have a fixed reference point in order not to get lost in life.

Imagine a ship got lost at sea with no compass, no GPS, no idea which way was home. So they took a vote to pick a star and designate that star as north and base their direction off of that. Everyone gave their opinion and they reached a consensus but they were wrong. They were still just as lost as ever. Picking a direction based on opinion or what seems right to a group of people isn’t the way to establish what is true. Everyone has a right to an opinion but let’s face it, some opinions are better than others.

This new Oprah thing worries me because it is removing all the foundations and making self the foundation and we all know that just doesn’t work. If you are the foundation of everything, how do you expect to beat death? You can’t. But Oprah had one man on her show who tried to explain how that works. He said we are all composed of energy. One law of physics is that energy is never destroyed. He made the point that when you die you continue to live on forever because your energy is transfered and continues on after you. A lady dying with cancer was on the show that day and heard him say that and she talked about what tremendous hope that gave her. People are literally dying for some answers. They are grasping at straws to find something solid to found their life on. Let’s tell them about Jesus!

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