N.T. Wright on Worshipping Without Inhibition

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Commenting on the woman who anointed Jesus at Bethany in Mark 14:

“It always happens, when people decide to worship Jesus without inhibition – to pour out their valuables, their stories, their dancing, their music, before him just the way they feel like doing – that others, looking on, find the spectacle embarrassing and distasteful…Not everyone is called to pour out expensive ointment over Jesus’ head; but if someone is, the rest should respect it.” – Mark for Everyone, 190

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  1. Matt,
    Thanks for sharing this interesting thought from N.T. Wright. I enjoy what he has to say on many issues.
    I hope you have a blessed weekend brother.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  2. It reminds me of King David, who, after dancing with all his might before the Lord and being mocked for it, replied that he was willing to become even more undignified than that in worship.

    Oh, to be so unihibited!

  3. David was awesome ^.^

    That said, worshipping God without inhibition carries within itself its own inhibition. For it is worshipping *God*, and to do so properly, one should not be sinning. God does give a few helpful hints on how to do so – namely not to be disorderly in the assembly.

    Now, dancing for the Lord is great, as is sharing testimony and raising hands and singing, getting on our knees and a hundred other things – and really it is sad that people are too embarassed to feel free to do so more often.

    But if someone got up and danced while the preacher was preaching, or started praising God aloud while another was already praying aloud, or started doing cartwheels in the middle of Bible Study because they were full of the ‘joy of the Lord’ that begs the question is that truly worship of God? If you are worshipping God, one should be doing so in obedience.

    But, it is true that actual worship of the Lord should be free and uninhibited, and unfortunately our culture is very rigid and looks down on such things. In a lot of churches, even raising hands while singing is discouraged by peer pressure. If you raise your hands or get on your knees, then you are acting more ‘pious’ than everyone else, and if one expresses or acts in a manner of heartfelt joy those around will often react in shock or distrust.

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