Barak Obama Pro Homosexual Legislation

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This article from WorldNetDaily is pretty disturbing of what Obama would want to push through if he is elected president. Know who you are voting for.

This election is going to be especially difficult for me. You cannot have a president you cannot believe. That eliminates Hillary. When Hillary speaks I cannot help but wonder how much of what she says is true and how much are lies. That is not a good sign or quality for our next president. When I hear much of what Obama stands for I cannot see any way I can vote for him. As a gun owner and a Christian his recent comments were a slap in my face.

Then there is McCain. He has always seemed like an angry person to me. I love the fact that he served in the military and I have a tremendous respect for that. I don’t think you can run an effective campaign on being a prisoner of war 30+ years ago. That doesn’t cast a vision. It doesn’t give a plan. It speaks a commitment and I respect that but it really doesn’t tell me much about what he has to offer. You would think with 300,000,000 Americans we could come up with three better candidates than this but here we are and what are we going to do about it?

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  1. It’s scary Matt. You know, for awhile I was praying to not let Obama win, but then God spoke to my heart about something. He said, “you should be praying that he’ll get his act together before he wins.”

    I don’t know whether this means he is going to win or not. The truth is that whoever wins at this point is going to put us in a bad position. Rather than run from the obvious, we better just start praying for them to TRULY receive Christ and to be radically transformed before they are sworn in.

  2. Justin,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for putting something out there on the “what are we going to do about it” question. That is exactly what we should do.


    Keep the prayers coming.

  3. Obama is Pro-Civil Rights for everyone, not Pro-Homosexual. He believes, rightfully so, that every law abiding citizen in this great nation deserves the same civil rights as the next person.

  4. I think the reality of McCain’s survival of POW treatment to rise to where he is speaks about his perseverance — perhaps a handy trait in times like we are now. Daniel told me a story (and I haven’t verified if it is true or not, but I have little reason to doubt it) that when McCain was younger, he tried to hold his breath under water for a certain long period of time. He held his breath to the point where he actually passed out. He’s always been a man of fierce determination. I think his history as a POW is more evidence of that, and it is an admirable trait to have in a leader.

    As for Obama working for equal opportunity for homosexuals, I’m somewhat indifferent. I just don’t look to government to protect my spiritual values. If LBGT folks want to go on sinning, let them go on sinning. Why should we put legislation in their way?

    As for Hillary, I couldn’t agree more. I’m fully convinced that she will say or do anything to win the election. Anything.

  5. Obama has puppy dog appeal, but his thinking terrifies me. I started off as indifferent to him, though I liked his speeches. I’ve been experiencing some shifts similar to your own.

    I don’t trust Hillary any more than I suspect she trusts her husband.

    McCain just doesn’t seem like the right guy for the job, and there are some key issues that I disagree with him on. He’s awfully old for a guy to be running against Obama.

    I think I’m going to hybernate for the next 4 years. I don’t want to have to see any of these three at night when I turn on my TV.

  6. I think this is a big overreaction. Do I agree with homosexual behavior? Absolutely no! Do I agree that a married couple has the moral justification to divorce and remarry for any reason? Absolutely no! Do I think a man and a woman are acting morally when they fornicate together outside the covenant of marriage? Absolutely no! What is the difference between one form of sexual immorality and the other? There is none from the biblical stand point but we seem to be dispositioned to single out the act of homosexuality as though it is a more severe form of worldliness.

    Why do so many Christians seem to show no tolerance for the sexually immoral (which is even more narrowed to those engaged in homosexual activity) but give a free pass to the greedy, idolaters, and others that scripture CLEARLY places in the same catagory (see 1 Cor 5.11)?

    Personally, I think Obama plans to spend about as much energy passing a bill like this as the current President planned to spend passing a bill against same-sex marriage/union… that is, it is all talk to gain a vote from a group that appears to be in favor of that president. Personally, I don’t think either three candidates, nor the current President, could care one bit about Christianity. They only care when it means a vote.

    Who will I support? Whoever I think will end a very unjust war… if I vote. I am still undecided if I ever care to vote anymore. I belong to another kingdom and the dead kingdoms of this world can do as they — as I am sure, believing themselves to be Lords, that they will. The kingdom I support has a King who is Lord and has promised me through his death and resurrection what the outcome of life will be for me as his follower. So I have no reason to be anxious about this election or anything else in the future.

    Grace and peace,


  7. Rex,

    This issue is more complex than that. It will absolutely have an impact on the church. I wholeheartedly agree with you that God’s kingdom is most important and that we are citizens of a better kingdom. I think if we can head off homosexual couples from being given equal status with married couples I think that is beneficial to keep marriage recognized as something special. There is another implication – if “sexual orientation” is treated like race or gender then we are going to find churches being sued for not accepting a gay couple as members. I think it would be a good thing to not pass legislation that moves in that direction.

  8. Matt,

    The problem is that we already have allowed government to redefine marriage (thus, I can marry, divorce, and remarry as much as I want to and each marriage is still recognized as a marriage). Why are we all of a sudden concerned about what government legislation considers to be marriage? I am not saying that I think legislating the right for gay marriage is a good thing, I just think it is very inconsistant for Christians to all of a sudden be concerned with how the government defines marriage by what it will allow or not allow.

    As for churches being sued… c’mon? The day someone decides to sue a church, it will happen whether or not gay marriage legislation passes or not. God will be our shield and strength!


  9. Rex,

    What we forget is that they represent us. They work for us. They only do what we allow them to do. Would you rather not know what Obama thinks about those things? My only point is, know who you are voting for.

  10. Matt,

    Yes I do want to know what Obama and the other cadidates think. Neither Obama nor any of the others share all of my beliefs, so I (as we all do) must look at what are the most pressing issues and then decide who will handle those issues the best. But I happen to think that there are bigger issues than this.

    BTW, I wasn’t trying to imply any misunderstanding about the kingdom. The way I said what I did in my earlier comment came out a little awkward. But I do think we Christians spend was too much time supporting and fighting the secular left and secular right. I am growing more and more concerned that we Christians are becoming more and more identified by and recognized for our affiliation with either the secular left or secular right rather than being identified by and recognized for the Spirit of God living in us.


  11. i would have thought that as voters our concern was that not like this president, but the next will create and enforce a level playing field for all ,so that all voices are heard equally and have equal access.

  12. John,

    Bush has been a big disappointment to me but I am glad he was in office during 9/11 and not Kerry/Edwards. We can treat people with love without having to treat gay couples like they are married.

  13. I’m with you, Matt. Kerry/Edwards–and much more so Gore/Lieberman–would have been the wrong coaching staff to deal with 9/11. But Bush has had plenty of shortcomings as well. On the bright side, I was glad to get some more conservative guys in the Supreme Court when the positions came open.

    Politics are icky.


  14. Adding some more conservative judges to balance/moderate the SC was the reason I supported President Bush and I don’t regret that. We will never know what would have happened had a different President been in place when 9/11 occured. But I don’t believe President Bush has enabled this country to be any safer than we were before. But listening to this President use Biblical language like “Hope” and “Justice” to describe the war on terror and the war in Iraq is just too much to stomach. He has essentially hijacked these Biblical terms and reduced them to an act of violence.

    BTW, such rhetoric continues with the current Presidential candidates Obama and Clinton. I have heard both of them say something to the effect of “restoring hope.”

    When will the Christian voice in America rise up and declare that the only hope, freedom, and life is found only in the One who was, is, and is to come? But how can the Christian voice in America declare such when the overwhelming majority of professing Christians live as though this country is the only hope?

    We have a problem church… A big problem!

    “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great… …Come out of her, my people” (Rev 18.2,4).

  15. One more comment… How would Acts 17.1-8 (The disciples defy Ceasar’s decree) be preached in a contemporary church — especially those that sing their national hymns or pledges in the Christian assembly, like I witnessed on several occasions at the HU chapel?

    Something to thing about…


  16. Homophobic Christians, aren’t you supposed to love your neighbour and not judge as God will judge you? What’s the point of being a Christian if you hate and condemn? I realize now that Barack Obama is GREAT compared to you.

  17. Elizabeth,

    I apologize if the only Christians you have ever known were hateful and have led you to the assumption that if a Christian disagrees with someone they hate them. I can understand where you may have gotten that from but I assure you things are changing. There is a generation of Christians growing up who don’t hate those they disagree with but love them anyway.

    Re-read the post and the comments and see if you really find hate there or just disagreement. God bless,


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