Updates at Kingdom Living

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1 – Expanded Marriage and Family Resources page

  • I have added and will continue to add more and more resources here both by me and links to other relevant and helpful sites devoted to healthy marriages and families.
  • I linked to the Power of Positive Parenting series with more to come there

2 – Removal of the Bible Series page

  • I wanted this to be a place I posted past series on various books of the Bible but it really hasn’t had much traffic and just takes up space. I will be looking for a more effective way to make that information accessible and relevant.

3 – Contributions from other bloggers

  • In the coming weeks start looking for posts by people other than myself. When you look for a good employee, it is important to find someone who has an education from several institutions to make sure they are well rounded. I think a good blog is the same way – posts from others and quotes from other blogs are often better as they provide a wider perspective than my ramblings. I don’t expect this to make up more than 5% of the content at Kingdom Living but I do want it to be a part.

4 – An Annual Blog Lectureship – A weekend where writings from various bloggers are published surrounding a central theme.

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