What Message Are We Sending?

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Missy and I were driving back from a wedding on Saturday. It was pouring down rain, visibility was very limited and we were going about 60 miles an hour at 11:00 at night. All of a sudden a truck passed us going at least 90 with that big sticker on the back tailgate that reads “How’s my driving?” Call 1-800… with a reference number. I wonder how many times the message we are sending with our actions doesn’t mesh with the message we are sending by our words.

I think most churches know their priorities – evangelism, worshiping God, serving others, making disciples. I wonder how many effectively follow through on those things on a consistent basis. I think John Ellas hits the nail on the head when he makes the point that many of the things we say are our core values are really only aspirations.

What message are we sending, not just by the message we preach and teach, but by the actions that our community sees or doesn’t see us doing?

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  1. Matt,

    It blows me away that we don’t think about this more. Its an old word that the KJV uses, but the word “conversation” used to mean “manner of life.” It was the fact that the way we live speaks to who we are and what we are all about.

    This is why people will often say, “I would much rather see a good sermon than hear one any day.” We defeat the purpose of Christianity when we live incongruously with our supposed profession.

    Good thoughts!

  2. Brian,

    He was going so fast I couldn’t have written it down if I had wanted to and I wasn’t about to speed up to catch him!


    You hit the nail on the head. It is a continuous reminder that God doesn’t want bench warmer Christians.

  3. I hope it is a message who who Jesus is and what it really means to be a Christian. A messsage of love and grace in a world of problems and hostility.

  4. I suppose a related question is – what message is our church website sending. Or more specifically, how do outsiders perceive the message it is trying to communicate. Our church website design self-assessment tool makes a number of suggestions, including that sites actually be tested by non-Christians!

    Feedback on this tool is very welcome.



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