Does God Really Hate Shrimp This Much?

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Apparently there is a group out that is anti-shrimp. Why? Because of Old Testament kosher laws. Here is a link to their website. It really makes me wonder, if they take that law so seriously, are they also circumcised, keeping the Sabbath holy, burying their feces outside, avoiding all forms of pork, and keeping roughly 610 other commands in the Old Testament? Those things were commanded too! (HT: Brett Shannon – thanks for mentioning that!)

This reminds me of another thing. Ben Witherington just put up a review of the new book The Year of Living Biblically. This is a book about a man who tries to keep all of the Old Testament commandments for a year and even spends some time on the New Testament. I thought it would be a crock but Witherington seems to have liked it. Check it out.

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  1. I saw that book a few weeks ago in a bookstore. Glancing over it, it appeared to be pretty sacrilegious at first, but supposedly there are some good aspects to it as well. I’ll have to read Mr. Witherington’s opinion. I’m very curious about the book.

  2. the shrimp site is a site parodying Christians who use the OT to argue against homosexuality.

    since some christians quote leviticus to denounce, they are joking that God hates shrimp just like some say that he hates gay people.

    read the about page, and you get a gist of their theology influenced by an acceptance of homosexuality as the starting point.

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