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I have been tagged by Mick Wright who is a good friend of mine from Memphis. This meme is to take a picture of the place you do most of your work and post it on your blog then tag 5 people. I guess the picture from the beach last Sunday doesn’t count so I here goes…

My desk:


My books:


I am tagging Steve Puckett, Bill Williams, John Dobbs, Justin Jordan, and Darin Hamm to let us in on where they work.

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  1. Heya, Matt.

    Just dropping by to say hi. I’m on WP, too, with my “public” blog at and my current theodicy elsewhere. (If you’re curious, email me at quiara at gmail and I’ll give you the link.)

    I added you to my blogroll and I may stop by to harass you pretty often. You need a raging liberal around here… ^_~

  2. Tammie,

    If I tidied it up a bit you would think I would have done a better job, right? The truth is, I had a few other papers lying around and put them in a nice, neat pile. Other than that I didn’t do much tidying.


    Good to hear from you! Hope things are going well. I would love for you to be the resident liberal! I was hoping Mark Elrod would foot the bill but he doesn’t spend much time here, I am afraid. Hope you have a wonderful day. Look forward to reading more from your blog. God bless,


  3. Matt, I am so sad as I look at your tidy desk and your books that are neatly arranged.

    I will show you a real office…when I get back to Monroe. Stay tuned!

  4. Oh Matt –

    You and Joe are OCD twins! I have a den at home that looks just like your office. Tooooo neat! OCD all the way….

    Love ya!

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