Updates – Illinois Corn Flake Re-posted as a Coupon on Ebay and Brian McLaren

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Before I begin I want to start by saying this is probably the only post on the web that includes information about corn flakes and Brian McLaren in the same place. Two updates – The Great Illinois Corn Flake has been pulled from Ebay and now reposted as a coupon. It went over $200,000 upwards of $200,444. I am sure whoever had the high bid is really relieved. Also, I wanted to mention that there was some clarification on the Brian McLaren ticket prices in the comments. The price was not just for a lecture but also included a meal and some interaction time. I still don’t know what I think about that but at least that is a little more palatable than paying over 100 for a lecture.

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  1. i will admit I haven’t done the research myself, but if some of McLarens attackers are accurate,
    his view of the cross and atonement gives me a lot more concern than the price of his tickets.

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