Circle Drive of 2008

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I haven’t been posting as much of late because we are putting in a circle drive. It is supposed to be poured tomorrow. I have done almost everything to this point on my own and let me tell you…I am really hurting! Inflammation, multiple cuts, tendonitis, all sorts of things. I cannot wait until this is done. Then what do you know, I get 1250 square feet of visqueen and a ton of wire mesh down just a minute ago and as soon as it is done it starts to pour down rain. Let’s hope it isn’t raining in the morning!

If I ever mention doing a concrete project on the blog ever again without hiring everything out, scream at me not too!

Pictures to come later.

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  1. Gotta have someplace to display that new truck! LOL Just kidding. I admire you for doing your own work. I, for one, have a hard time knowing which end of a hammer to use!

  2. Hey John,

    Thanks. I have had to hire out a little of it – help with the form work to get the dimensions right and help with the finishing work. That takes a real pro but the demolition of the old drive and the digging out for the new one was all me and a shovel. My arm really hurts. I think I have some bad tendonitis.

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