Lost Prediction – Claire to Die on Tonight’s Episode

Looks to me like Claire is going to die tonight. Something is going to happen linking her to Jack through their being half-siblings. Probably the people from the ship know the connection and something will result in Claire’s death on the show tonight. What do you think tonight’s show will be about?

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  1. mattdabbs says:

    I had one reservation and that was how on earth did they think Kate could have had an infant when they were only on the island 90+ days. They just talked about time being different on the island…that might make sense of why they think Aaron could be Kate’s if they have actually been on the island much longer than they think. Only thing…they thought the chopper was gone much longer than it had which means time passes slower on the island than elsewhere. So what’s the deal? Even Kate’s mom thinks Aaron is hers. Surely she would know better. Hmmm…

  2. mattdabbs says:

    Looks like I was way off.

  3. Brian says:

    oh well, it is coming, though.
    and it will be sad when it happens. Jack will feel guilty for allowing it to happen, or not doing something.

  4. Shawn says:

    Why would Claire have to die? Couldn’t Claire just entrust Aaron to Kate when for some reason she realizes she won’t be able to get off the island? I foresee an intense and emotional personal decision Claire will have to make — keep Aaron on the island with her and endanger his life, or let him go with Kate to be safer.

  5. mattdabbs says:


    That is certainly a possibility. They talk like the Oceanic 6 are all that made it off the island. However, Kate told Jack after he testified that he sounded almost like he was starting to believe what he said. We also know that Ben is off the island (presumably) but that he is not of the 6. That means he was secretly rescued by someone else that didn’t make headlines. Hurley talked with Jack on the basketball court about whether or not they should want to go back. Why would they want to if there weren’t any other survivors. So you are probably right. In future seasons we will probably see Claire again. Who knows.

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