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We have revamped our church website. Please stop by and have a look. The design was done by our youth minister Joel Singleton and the content (and a tiny, tiny bit of design) was done by me. Feel free to have a look. Make suggestions here. There are several formatting issues that we are working the bugs out of, especially with the alignment of text. Dreamweaver is not cooperating on that. If anyone knows why dreamweaver shifts text to the left please let me know.

Here is the link for our new church webpage.

One of the things we want is for the site to be useful and functional. There needs to be a reason both members and non-members would go to it. Our members will be able to find out the current prayer requests, if they are serving on an upcoming Sunday of the month, download LIFE group curriculum, find a LIFE group to attend, find out what activities are coming up, etc. Visitors can find out what Bible classes are offered, mapquest to the building, a map of the facilities, information about our ministries, ministers, and elders. People who have no connection whatsoever will be able to use the website for Bible tools and links.

Hopefully its functionality will continue to improve and grow over time and many more of you will find reasons to use it as a resource. Let me know also if there is anything you think would be helpful to add.

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  1. I really like it Matt. I’ve been looking at some WordPress themes as potential formats for our church website. Keep up the great work!

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