Ben Witherington, Oprah, and Circle Drives

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Thanks to Ben Witherington for bringing this to our attention. I would admit that I had heard of this before but that might insinuate that I watch Oprah from time to time and I wouldn’t want to admit that!

In other news, the driveway in front of our house you saw in the truck pictures now looks like this (we should be called “3 men and a dingo”…with just 3 of us we removed the old concrete drive and sidewalk torn out, removed curb, and laid out the new circle drive in under 9 hours today):



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  1. I once listened to an interview of Cal Ripken, Jr. on ESPN’s morning sports radio show, “Mike & Mike in the Morning” …

    OK, to preface this, allow me to say that there few more manly men than Cal Ripken, Jr. He played 2,632 consecutive MLB games. Most Major League players take at least 1 or 2 games off per month to avoid the wear & tear of a physically demanding athletic profession. He didn’t take a game off for *** 17 *** seasons! His nickname is “The Ironman.”

    Now, Mike & Mike asked Ripken if it is okay for a man to watch Oprah. And he said, “Yeah, I think so.” He went on to explain how it is a great way for men to keep in tune with how women think & what is important to them. And that that that is important for men to do if they are going to be good husbands.

    So, next time you wonder if you’re going to get teased for watching Oprah, remember that Cal Ripken says it’s OK!

    And for the record, being a single man with no woman in my life to keep in step with, I never watch Oprah. 😉

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