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It is time for the periodical “Brag on the Bride” spot here at Kingdom Living. We have done this a time or two in the past. The purpose is for people to write down the things they love about the church. We hear so much venting and about all the things that need improved. I read posts where Christians are putting each other down and complaining about this or that. I see bickering and arguing and negative posts about church that have 100+ comments of people arguing back and forth…How about some positive feedback!?! We are talking about the bride of Christ here! Instead of complaining about all the things the church does “wrong” why not identify the things the church does well and praise God for it? Now is your chance.

Bring it on…

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  1. My church may have their failings. But at least our folks want to be better. And even if they don’t genuinely want to be better, I’m confident in saying that they want to want to be better. Some might say that’s foolish; I think it’s something. God will work with that.

    I like that about my church. When Rick Warren was on The Colbert Report the other night, he defined a fundamentalist as someone who’s stopped listening. There are churches that are like that, but not the one I’m a part of right now. And I’m proud of that.

  2. My church of about 1,800 has seven families that are committed to foster parenting – one even adopted the child they had grown to love so much.

    Six out of these seven families care for babies/toddlers of a race different from their own.

    That’s one of the things my church is doing right.

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