Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop

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The information on the workshop is now online at their website. The title is Prayer: Our Declaration of Dependence. Hopefully I will be there!

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  1. E-mail: tdanielraju_igt@hotmail.com Mobile: 91+944176 2015
    Minister. T. Daniel Raju
    Greetings in His glorious name! Beloved how are you? How is your Preaching work? We are praying for your family.
    Sub: Please visit & Preach at East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh and save souls for Christ and His kingdom.
    Before I come to the point, let me introduce myself to you. My name is T. Daniel Raju. I reside in Serilanka village in Island currently ministering at Pasuvulanka Church of Christ under the umbrella of India Evangelism we have been working among gentiles, fulfilling the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thanks to be God that there are so many organizations and even churches working among gentiles. And up to their visions and resources they have been doing very well. But sadly, a little attention has been paid to the slums and back ward areas of Andhra Pradesh in India. You know everybody wants to enjoy the modern living of city life. People living in slums, working as labors, Dailey wages, Alcohol Addicts and poorest of the poor without modern facilities are badly ignored. These are economically undeveloped lost and unsaved.

    For this reason, India Evangelism came into existence. The main aims and objects are as follows: To evangelize the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to every heart who is without Christ. (To fulfill the great commission of Lord Jesus Christ Matthew 28:18-20)

    In this context, it is our heart’s desire to reach the un-reached in slum and backward areas of Andhra Pradesh (people working as labors and living in remote areas) we do not preach only in nominal Christians but also we reach un-reached Hindus through open street evangelism, night meetings, Bible distribution and Gospel Tract distribution one to one and heart to heart message of Christ.

    Not only evangelism but also we have a heart to do something to improve their living standard by giving them awareness and education. In this regard, an adult education center, medical facilities, welfare and emergency relief work (in situation of flooded, Cyclones, fire accidents and other kind of relief) is also in progress. We want to improve these ministry areas on better level.

    One of our ministry areas is the translation and printing of Christian- literatures in our national language for the edification of believers and leaders in Andhra Pradesh. If you have books which you want to be translated and printed in other languages, please contact us at your earliest. We will be pleased to promote your literature ministry in our country.

    Seminars and evangelistic meetings are also held time to time. We hereby invite you to join hands with us for the lost, neglected and dying people in India and uplift the Indigenous churches through your prayers, literature and even with your prayers. Remember! Your little bit can make a big difference in India.

    We will be greatly encouraged and pleased, if you put your Heart and souls together with India Evangelism for the blessings and salvation of Indian people. I am teaching and preaching Truth to many Denaminationations in our area converting them in to Churches of Christ. The programme is “Training Preachers and Evangelizing Denominations” is successful ministry.

    There are a staggering number of orphan’s worldwide, over 143 million children are considered orphan’s by one definition or another. There are many uncounted that live on the streets, in landfills and sewer systems. Often orphan children that are not cared for turn to lives of crime, are subjected to human trafficking, prostution, child labor and worse, often these children die of starvation, malnutrition or other preventable diseases.

    More ministry details can be sent as soon as possible. We are very thankful all your blessings and Prayers. Please continue to prayer for our work as we do for you for the extension of the Lord’s kingdom.
    Please come and preach and teach these following ministries:
    It’s my great pleasure to work with you in East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. Where I work my place is Chennai to East Godavari district distance is 500 kilo meters. From Guntur to our place is 250 kilo meters. Train main stop is Rajahmundry Town

    I would like to arrange transportation (car) and reserve a Hotel where we work together. I would like to work with you at least 7 days and translate your messages. It is as for your wish in different areas for the God’s Glory. Thank you for your schedule has given in November 2012. If Lord willing let us work these following ministries. Please give me your schedule we would be grateful to you forever.
    We are working in some areas like
    1. Training Preachers and Evangelizing Denominations (Mat 28:18)
    2. Working with widows at Serilanka (James 1:27)
    3. Working with Orphans and widows at Pasuvulanka (James 1:27)
    4. Mobile Preachers Training school at Pasuvulanka(2 Tim 2:2)
    5. Visiting the Churches. (Acts 18:23)
    6. Seminars in different areas &Preacher meeting
    I would like to hold five days Preachers Training class morning 10:00 A.m to 3: Pm and same day we visit two congregations.

    Please pray for our Widows and Orphans in Pasuvulanka and Serilanka. Continue to pray for my work, and winning the souls for Christ. You are most welcome to India and save the souls for Christ in India. Could you send your audios, videos Bible lessons are most welcome, free online Bible Course. Please write an E: Mail it would be fastest contact.

    In His Service

    Minister. T.Daniel Raju

    Training Preachers and Evangelizing Denominations
    *I.G.T Preacher Training School *Free Bible Correspondence course *Preacher workshops *Vision 2025 One Lakh Souls winning project

    *Orphans and Widows Care

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