For Those of You Who Need One More Reason to Switch to WordPress…

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How about three free gigs of file uploads?
Which blogging platform do you use and what are your favorite things about it?

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  1. “Oh Snap!” indeed

    If I need storage space, I’ll go sign up at Geocities or something…

    Why should I switch when I find great contentment with Blogger’s setup? And with my template?

    Plus, Blogger is aligned with Google, the most popular search engine on the internet. Many folks find their way to my blog via Google.

    Plus, I have a whole archive of posts that I’d have to re-archive at WordPress. What a tedious, laborious process. I have all those posts formatted JUST the way I like within the framework of my template.

    I wonder if WordPress is a fad. Much like Xanga was for a while. People moved on from that one…

  2. If you are content what can I say?

    I can say that wordpress has a better variety of templates than blogger, uses google searching as well as blogger, and has a method to auto-archives your old posts on wordpress once you make the switch.

    I am thinking wordpress is here to stay.

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