Review of Rob Bell’s Nooma Video #1 – Rain

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In this 10 minute video Bell tells the story of going on a walk with his infant son. During their walk a furious storm comes out of no where and all of a sudden Bell experiences one of the deepest and most connected moments with his son he had ever experienced. He makes reference to the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7:24-27 and the metaphor of the storms we face in life. He talks about the perspective of a child in a storm, the perspective of the father who protects the child, and the tension that arises between living on the rock and going through a storm. Bell’s take home point is, If you want to be connected with God in an intimate way, brace yourself for the storm and don’t be afraid to cry out for help. I wish he would have stuck with that text a little more and drawn parallels back to the text in a few places. I thought this video did an excellent job of briefly and honestly describing our need for God and our need to honestly approach him and recognize him for who he is, our Father, and what he has done in our lives as our rock.

Using the old Ed McMahon star search rating scale I give this video four and a quarter stars. stars.jpg

There are several places online to preview this video. YouTube even has posted the video in its entirety but I think it is important to respect material that is under copywrite and would encourage those interested to purchase the video for use in a Bible class or small group as a discussion starter. To find the best price, click the picture at the top of the post.

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  1. this one is very good!
    Some one ask t me if all the story’s he tells are tro…
    But in this one he is sticking so mug veling, and not a lot of people dare to do so these days.
    Don’t talk about personal thing’s, it actualy mite do something with me :-s.

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