171 Urban Ministry Resources Including Links, Annotations, and Contact Information

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  1. I really appreciate the author for this wonderful job of gathering different links and posting for users, I’m very much interested to have my link in your site, I’m very happy for this and my Church link info is this GVELC.com thanks for sharing this great post with us.

  2. Thanks much for the work you put into this. Regarding the urban ministry you mentioned for Cleveland, Ohio– The City Mission (that’s where I work) I’d like to request that you take off the e-mail of the contact person listed as he no longer works here. I think it would be sufficient just to have our web site address. Besides serving urban children and youth, we also provide residential progams for homeless men and women, we have an outreach to prison inmates, and provide a range of services to the urban poor. We also own a camp that is available for rent. Much more info available on our web site. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have done what I intended to spend many weeks trying to find out….. I am trying to send emails to churches with inner city programs so that they can take on a project to help the homeless. Using our website: http://www.homelesspartners.com I’m trying to get as many churches as possible to be involved in leading the way for the community to help the homeless. It’s good for the community to see the church in a positive “light”, good for the shelters, good for the church to work together and let their light shine and of course good for the homeless.
    One question:
    Do you have these people in a neat list that can be used to send out email easily?
    Thanks so very much for your work.

    Peace and Grace to you in abundance,
    jennie keeran
    Vancouver, BC, now in Sardegna, Italy working on a book documenting ancient baptistries — it’s a tough job but somebody needs to do it.

  4. Jennie,

    As emails change over time I am sure some of these would bounce by now. Several people have emailed me with updates to their contact information so I know many of them are still good.

    In your browser go to view and find the place where you can view page source or page code. Click that and it will give you the html of this page in a text file. Then search that file for the @ symbol. That will find all the email addresses for you then just copy and paste them into another file. If that sounds too hard let me know.

  5. I really a ppriciate the work that the mission has so far established to help the needy and to reach them with the gospel.

    1. WordPress’ built in akismet. I rarely get spam. It also allows you to build your own filters. That kicks out 90% of the spam that akismet misses on its own.

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