Mike Cope Reflects on Sabbatical

Something about this quote by Mike Cope about the new addition of a regular sabbatical to his ministry really resonated with me for some reason. “For 25 years I’ve written, preached, taught, edited, traveled, and blogged. Now I’m going to be silent and listen. I’m going to seek God with all my heart.” – Mike […]

Online Bible Resources and Tools for Study

This is a copy of the Bible Resources page from the top of this blog. This list includes 31 essential Bible resources and tools to assist in Bible study and teaching. If you have anything you would add feel free to include them in the comments. Any updates will be found on the Bible Resources […]

Posting Kingdom Living Pages

I will be posting the content of some of my pages that are found at the top of the blog. This is for syndication/feed purposes. Thanks to Mark Adams and Dale Jenkins for posting links to the Kingdom Living Bible Resources page.