Video of Hillary Clinton Crying

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I don’t like to take this blog in a political direction but I cannot help but ask myself, “Why does that video leave me feeling suspicious?” One thing I learned in those couple of psychology classes I took in college was that the best predictor of behavior is past behavior. I cannot help but think if crying (if you call that choked up voice followed by a very calculated look in her eyes crying) gets her votes and wins a primary we will be seeing more of a “softer side” of Hillary in the weeks and months to come. If we knew her to be good as gold and genuine in the past we wouldn’t even think of being suspicious…Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat doesn’t matter. Character counts for something.

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  1. Throwing caution to the wind here.

    No one can doubt that Hillary’s people have coached her to use certain words and gestures, to give this impression or that. Wouldn’t that be true of all the campaigns?

    I don’t know that Hillary is much more likely to be phony than are most of the other candidates. Was her display of emotion planned? It did seem like she took a breath and roused herself for what followed. If so, that’s bothersome to say the least.

    An article in a recent issue of Time reminded me of an open secret: all of the candidates are highly ambitious. But all of them will attribute their campaigns to a love of country, the arm-twisting of friends and family, the summons to duty, etc. All of them want to be President, and all of them are willing to deal in the difficult, dirty business of politics in order to get to the White House. All of them are tempted to give the impression that they think voters are looking for, whether it’s genuine or not.

  2. Interesting how opinions of this episode seem to follow party lines. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In the words of Mike Huckabee, when answering accusations about placing a cross behind him in his Christmas ad in Iowa, “If only we were so smart!”

    Sometimes in politics, though rarer & rarer these days, moments of reality break out every once in a while in the midst of all the hand-wringing & politicking. Hillary was fortunate enough to have two of those moments days before the Hew Hampshire vote — the other was the moment in the debate where she answered folks who say they don’t like her as much as Obama. I think Hillary & her administration may be smart enough to engineer such a plan, but I don’t fancy Hillary a good enough “actor” to deliver such a fantastic fake performance.

    The reason we ask the question is because we wonder “cui bono” — “Who benefits?” But I don’t think it stands up well to objective scrutiny. I file this one with the other myths that are intended to smear a candidate’s character, like the rumors about Obama being a “sleeper” Muslim candidate or fears of what Mike Huckabee might do to break down the barrier between church & state.

    I would like to see the separation of church & state fall in this blog, though. “More Politics from Matt! More Politics from Matt!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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