500th Post – Looking Back

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This is the 500th post since the blog began at blogger in July 2006. I just wanted to take a second to mention a few of the first 500 posts that are special to me (for various and asundry reasons!):

Most Blogged Scriptures – a list of scriptures that show up most frequently in blog posts.
Psychology of Modesty – how behavioral reinforcement through male attention and female attention seeking behaviors promotes female immodesty.
Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross? – A look at the cross in light of Psalm 22
Why Everyone Should Use the NIV – So the title is a little exaggerated! Some good things going for the NIV translation.
Holy Spirit – Why We Don’t Discuss It – Several traditional barriers to discussing the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Cardiology – How signs of a heart attack mirror signs of spiritual danger
Top Ten Ways to Rationalize Your Self Out of Discipleship
Grace Destroys – Not What You Think…
Psychology of Blogging – A silly post on how our blogs reflect our thinking
Creative Approaches to Teaching – Inductive vs. Deductive – Pretty self-explanatory
Paradigm Issues Facing the Church – Translations – Thoughts on churches and translations
Can we Fellowship Alexander Campbell – Are tests of fellowship valid and/or validly used?

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  1. Let me be the first to say, Grand-codjulations on the occasion of your 500th post. Does that make you a shoe-in for the Blog Hall of Fame? Either way, I’m really glad to have met you here, Matt. Looking forward to the next 500. (You’re not using steroids, are you?)

  2. Hey Rex,

    I normally blog on something I have been studying for something else and then take a couple of minutes to modify my notes/thoughts just a bit to make it a blog post. Because I teach several times a week, write and review a lot of curriculum I have already studied in several different topics/texts that wind up here. I am sure that will change once we have kids 🙂

    We wish you the best in your time of transition. I left a note on your blog about a lead. God bless,


  3. Congratulations on 500 posts brother.
    I love reading your blog.
    Your blog has challenged my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. It has help me grow in knowledge, it has helped me be a better Christian and Minister. Thank you brother. I hope you keep it up. God bless you as you continue the next 500.

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