N.T. Wright’s “For Everyone” Series

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I have been really pleased with N.T. Wright’s brief works on different books of the New Testament called the “For Everyone” series. I am going to make it a habit of putting one of these in the hands of each of the teachers when they are covering a New Testament book. He is concise, throws in just enough background to help you get the point and even makes some really good application. I have been really happy with this series of books by N.T. Wright.

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  1. Thanks for speaking up about these. I bought the BWIII Acts cmmty and am awaiting the delivery of Wright’s Everyone Romans books.

  2. I’m a pastor, and I entirely agree that this series is excellent.

    N.T. Wright is both a scholar and a pastor, which is what makes this series so helpful to so many people. The series really is -for everyone-. Wright is very good at taking large and complex truth, and explaining it in a helpful and applicable way. His comments help me to get to the heart of the Scriptures, and his illustrations often find a way into my sermons.

    My wife, who labels herself a “non-academic,” thoroughly enjoys using her “Romans for Everyone” during her devotions because it makes sense to her.

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