Carson Daly – A Young Dick Clark?

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Was it just me or did Carson Daly look like a very young Dick
Clark on the New Year’s coverage? I guess that means he can look forward to hosting the New Year’s coverage for the next 50 years.

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  1. He may have had the look but I though Daly was lame as host and their choice to interview Rodriquez right up to the ball drop was sort of nuts – the mood wasn’t on baseball – it’s the crowd – the changing of the year – the countdown. Instead ARod and Daly talking baseball. Just killed the mood for me. Daly was wooden – didn’t have it for a loud, live event gig.

    Much more fun over on CNN with Anderson Cooper where he had to fend off the silly remarks of Kathy Griffin who was also a mismatch – but sometimes funny. All in all more fun on CNN I thought.

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